Texas Task Force 1 to assist in Galveston and Chambers counties

10/2/2008 12:00 AM

Beginning today, Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) will assist officials in Galveston and Chambers counties with a unified search and recovery effort.

Typically, TX-TF1 takes the lead and specializes in all state search and rescue endeavors and is not engaged in search and recovery. Because of the magnitude and spread-out nature of the debris field, the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management has agreed to send Texas Task Force 1 personnel to assist county leaders.

TX-TF1 personnel will provide command and control, communication and logistical support to county officials.

Tuesday, a TX-TF1 liaison arrived in the area to assist local officials in planning the unified search and recovery operation.

At the request of Galveston County, coordinated searches of areas of Bolivar Peninsula and adjacent islands will continue through the weekend. Also, coordinated searches of the Smith Point area and other areas still to be determined will continue through the weekend per request of Chambers County.

In addition, TX-TF1 is conducting aerial reconnaissance missions with the assistance of Texas Military Forces helicopters. These air missions will provide county officials with photo and video documentation of the areas in question.

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