Seminar targets rural communities for economic and tourism development

2/5/2008 12:00 AM

Small-town economies are struggling mightily at the hands of unstable agricultural markets, high fuel costs and globalization pressures.

As a result, business and elected leadership in these rural areas are faced with a real sense of urgency: Diversify their economies and embrace a regional approach to maximizing resources, or risk further decline.

On March 6-7, the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), the Office of the Governor, AdventGX and the City of Robstown will jointly host a Rural Economic & Tourism Development Seminar at Robstown’s Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds.

The seminar is ideal for rural leadership, where attendees will:

Collaborate with fellow leaders from throughout the region and state

Identify best practices for rural economic and tourism development

Learn about the latest traveler trends from the Office of the Governor

Share economic development successes and lessons learned with peers

Develop a rural approach to economic development

Find new resources for overcoming obstacles to economic development

Seminar topics include focuses on the “state of the region” and where rural opportunities exist; experiential tourism and retail development strategies for rural regions; community marketing and branding; and how to form effective alliances and partnerships.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re from Goliad or George West,” said Joan Quintana, TEEX program manager for technology and economic development, “if you’re working economic development in a rural community, you’re facing an uphill battle.

“As small communities, you might as well tackle this problem together, sharing strategies and finding common solutions to universal problems. Those who attend this seminar won’t hear urban solutions proposed for their rural challenges,” Quintana said.

For more information about the March 6-7 Rural Economic & Tourism Development Seminar in Robstown, please visit Registration deadline is Feb. 15.

About the Texas Engineering Extension Service

The Texas Engineering Extension Service, or TEEX, is a state agency that fosters community economic development through workforce analysis, technical assistance and economic development training, helping cities establish a targeted plan for recruitment and business growth. TEEX supports communities throughout Texas, the nation and internationally seeking to broaden their economic base through development and implementation of strong tourism strategies and enterprises.

As a member of The Texas A&M University System, TEEX also offers training and technical assistance programs in fire services, homeland security, public works, public safety and security, safety and health, and search and rescue.

About AdventGX

AdventGX is a private corporation specializing in economic and tourism development for communities and businesses. AdventGX serves clients throughout North America, including a number of Texas projects; most notably, Van Horn Economic Development Corporation and the Big Bend Texas Mountain Travel Association, for whom AdventGX produced the 2007-2008 Big Bend Texas Mountain Travel Guide.

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