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Pro Board

What is the Pro Board?

The National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board) has accredited TEEX to more than 40 certification levels. Pro Board is an internationally recognized professional organization that represents the fire service and related field of emergency response. Agencies that achieve Pro Board accreditation are recognized as having met the rigors of review by an independent organization. When students attend a TEEX course leading to certification, they are trained and tested based on NFPA standards. Upon successful completion of the course, written exam, and skills exam, students receive a certificate that contains the TEEX logo and the Pro Board seal, which indicates a quality standard in both training and testing. Students are then placed on the Pro Board National Registry.

What is ESTI accredited to?

NFPA Standard No. Edition Accredited Levels
Firefighter 1001 2008 Firefighter I, II
Driver/Operator 1002 2009 Pumper, Aerial, ARFF, Mobile Water Supply
Airport Firefighter 1003 2005 Airport Firefighter
Rescue Technician 1006 2008 Rope, Confined Space, Trench, Vehicle/Machinery
Fire Officer 1021 2009 Fire Officer I, II, III, IV
Fire Inspector 1031 2009 Fire Inspector I, II
Fire Instructor 1041 2007 Fire Instructor I, II
Public Safety Telecommunicator 1061 2007 Public Safety Telecommunicator I, II
Fire Brigade 1081 2007 Incipient, Advanced Exterior, Interior Structural, Leader
HazMat 472 2008 Awareness & Operational, Mission Specific: 6.2 PPE, 6.6 Product Control, 6.7 Air Monitoring, 6.9 Illicit Lab Incidents, Technician, Incident Commander, Flammable Liquids Bulk Storage Specialist

How do I find my records on the National Registry?

Go to thePro Board website and enter your last name and last 4 digits of SSN or Identification Number.

Currently ESTI reports student data to Pro Board on a monthly basis.

Prerequisite Requirements

It is our policy that you must complete all Pro Board requirements within 6 months of the class end date. Certification requirements must be dated and submitted prior to or on the last day of class. Certification requirements received after the last day of class will encounter an automatic late fee of $75 and must be received in the certification office within 6 months of the class end date. The date that will appear on your certificate will be the date when all Pro Board requirements have been met. No certificate will be issued after 6 months.



  • A Pro Board or IFSAC certificate which must include the following:
    • Seal, stamp or logo
    • NFPA Standard & Level
    • Candidates Name
    • Certification number
    • Issuance Date


  • Printout from Pro Board, DoD, TCFP or similar lookup system


  • Recognized State Agency, State Fire Marshals Office, State Training, or Certificate Board within the state. The transcript or certificate must include the following:
    • State issuing the certification (name, seal, stamp or logo)
    • Candidates name
    • Issuance Date
    • Length of course, if listed, should be in accordance with the typical length for that discipline. For example, 8 hour refresher course for 472 HazMat Operations
    • Examples of these certificates:
      • Mississippi Certified Firefighter
      • Firefighter II, Maine State Training

Request a Retest

All retests must be scheduled through the ESTI Certification Office. Retests completed within 6 months of the initial exam date will not incur a late processing fee. Retests completed between 6 and 12 months of the initial exam date will incur a fee of $75 prior to being scheduled. Retests will not be granted after 12 months.

Request a Replacement Certificate

To request a replacement or duplicate certificate, there is a charge of $15 per certificate. All payments must be made prior to release of certificate.

How do I get more information?

Contact the ESTI Certification Office at

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